At Blue Horizon Spa, we believe proper skincare goes beyond the pursuit of beauty. Having healthy, vibrant skin is a vital component of an overall wellness program that requires dedicated attention. We specialize in immediate, visible results while emphasizing a long-term approach to skincare that provides lasting benefits.

Our treatments combine the expertise of our highly trained therapists and an array of potent and therapeutic skin care products to achieve immediate and long term goals. Each facial treatment is uniquely customized by our trusted skin care therapist to the client’s skin condition and tailored to individual needs. A calm, soothing environment is created to allow your mind and body to ease away tension as your skin care needs are being addressed.

All guests receive a consultation and evaluation by a skincare therapist and undergo a recommended treatment approach to address their unique needs. Education and guidance will be provided at the end of each facial treatment if interested. *Please inform your therapist of any medications you’re using that may cause contra-indications.

Blue Horizon Facial

Beneficial for all skin types. Deeply purifies the skin and pores, removing dull surface cells. Relaxing aromatic face and décolleté massage de-stresses, rejuvenates and re-balances harmony for the entire body. Skin is nourished with a mask formulated for the individual.


Men’s Facial

Specially designed for men, this ideal treatment deep cleans and is designed to soothe sensitive skin due to razor irritation. A purifying mask is used resulting in a clean, smooth, and healthy complexion. This facial is created to prevent that pre-mature aged look from sun exposure, city pollution, poor diet, or even from a little too much partying.


Collagen Facial

A top of the line treatment during which the collagen molecules penetrate your skin to retard aging. recover loss of firmness and elasticity, even tone, enhance moisture level, oxygenate, oxidize and protect natural skin collagen. In just one treatment your skin can look younger and more supple.


Deep Cleansing Facial

A facial designed to combat oily skin, with a sebum-controlling cleanser extractions, lymphatic drainage, and a special mask formulated to balance the skin.


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