Massage Therapy

Pre-Massage Consultation

We take an individually tailored approach to massage therapy that addresses your unique condition and needs. Each treatment begins with a review of your initial questionnaire and a general assessment to determine areas of restriction and tightness. Please mention any special conditions so your therapist can maximize the effectiveness of the session.

For extra time devoted to particularly problematic conditions, we highly recommend a 90-minute session.

*Please mention upon booking if you are allergic to any scents or ingredients. A blend of essential oils and balms may be used to target your individual needs during treatment.

Eastern Medicine Massage

This traditional Chinese massage detoxifies the body, targeting pressure and trigger points. This may be your new secret weapon to eliminate stress and reduce pain.

60 min – $60.00
90 min – $175.00

Swedish Massage

This European technique uses long, fluid strokes to calm the body, settle the mind and restore energy. Fragrance free massage oil with focus on relaxation and improved circulation.

60 min – $60.00
90 min – $90.00 

Deep Tissue Massage

A Swedish style massage with firmer pressure. This deeper focused massage is ideal for releasing muscle tension and knots.

60 min – $60.00
90 min – $95.00

Sport Massage

This pre-event massage is an invigorating treatment with stretching and joint rotation movements to prepare your body to give it’s best performance. Post-event massage uses gentle kneading to help fatigued muscles expel toxins and aid in recovery. Great for flexability and for golfers, runners and any level athlete.

60 min – $60.00
90 min – $95.00 

Hot Stone Massage

The healing energies of smooth, heated river stones are used in conjunction with classic massage strokes to deeply soften muscles.

60 min – $60.00
90 min – $100.00

Shiatsu Massage

This invigorating dry massage is based on centuries old acupressure techniques along the meridians of the body. Combined with stretching joint rotations to release stress and unblock the body’s energy pathways.

60 min – $60.00
90 min – $90.00

Additional Massage Treatments

Targeted Massage Therapy

Our targeted massage therapy program allows you to receive enhanced therapeutic benefits in a short amount of time and is perfect for those on a tight schedule. Please identify particular areas of concern for specialized therapy. This has been proven effective in preventing chronic issues from developing.
*Please note that this is not a full body treatment.

30 min – $30.00


Used to help balance organs, stimulate circulation and make you relax. Our 30 minute express version is great as an add-on to our other treatments or as a quick lunchtime pick me up.

30 min – $25.00
60 min – $35.00 (including tip)

Abhyanga Ayurvedic Massage

The ultimate massage therapy experience! Two therapists work in tandem to simultaneously focus on multiple areas of the body. Receive twice the massage in the same amount of time – a truly indulgent and invigorating treatment.

60 min – $60 

Couple’s Massage or Massage-For-Two

Bring a friend and experience any of our relaxing full body massages in our exclusive couple’s treatment room. Pricing is á la carte – depending on what style of massage or what duration of service you choose (60 or 90 minutes). Total cost is the combination of both individual massages. Simply request our Couple’s Room when booking your appointment to ensure we can accommodate your request.

60 min or 90 min

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